Last Update: 1-20-01
Sorry, I don't post my transcriptions on the 'net any more. If you ask real nice
though, I might email you whatever I got worked out for a specific song. (if I have it/know it)

Tab and Sheet Music Sites

Smoo's Guitar Tabs
Check Smoo's site out. Alot of great songs here. He has better versions of Yume no Nake e and Duvet than my old files, plus quite a few Escaflowne songs.

Neko's Sheet Music
Lots of Sailor Moon stuff, Voices from Macross+.

Dark Schneider's Anime Tabs
Macross 7 and Dynamite 7 songs can be found here.

Black Bird's Bass Tabs
A rather large selection of bass tabs from anime and video games.

Classical Guitar Home Page
(Final Fantasy stuff with RealAudio samples)

Anime Tablatures

Hong Kong Ripoffs
You can find most of my old tabs here. None of my new stuff like the fingerpicked version of Ami or Remember 16 are here though. Guess he didn't get a chance to steal them. Anyway, if you want my old Macross 7 tabs, you can find most of them here. That is, if you can get this shitty site to load... my stuff is at the very bottom, so it might take 8 or 9 tries.

Romanised Lyrics and Translations Pages
77077 Macross Homepage (Nice Macross 7 lyrics)
Anything Goes Anime Lyrics Archive
Anime Lyrics (over 1000 different songs)
Sailor Bacon's Lyrics HQ (another humongous database)

Anime and Game MIDI Sites
VG Music

Generally Useful Sites
The Anime Web Turnpike (duh)
Harmony Central
Nullsoft's Official Winamp Site
Whole Note Online Guitar Community