The Mr. T Purity Test

Inspired by the Mr. T Toughness Test
Currently 110 points total.
Check the box next every question you can answer with 'Yes' and then submit the form.
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  1. Do you know who Mr. T is?
  2. Have you ever seen the A-team TV show?
  3. Do you know how many A-team members there were in the first season?
  4. Can you name them all?
  5. How about all the other seasons?
  6. Do you know which A-team member would say 'I love it when a plan comes together'?
  7. Do you know which member always had to escape from a mental institution every episode?
  8. Know what B.A. Baracus' favorite beverage was?
  9. Do you still watch the A-team reruns on the FX channel?
  10. Do you record the A-team reruns on your vcr?
  11. If yes, do you watch each episode in slow motion to catch every detail?
  12. Can you recite the A-team intro from memory?
  13. Got any A-team related graphics on your hard drive?
  14. If yes, are your A-team graphics mostly pictures of Mr. T?
  15. Do you have any A-team related sound files on your hard drive?
  16. If yes, do most of your sounds consist of Mr. T clips?
  17. Do you own the official A-team soundtrack CD?
  18. If yes, do you feel that B.A. Baracus' music is the best background music ever?

  19. Have you ever seen D.C. Cab?
  20. If yes, do you own a copy of D.C. Cab?
  21. Have you seen Rocky III?
  22. If yes, were you cheering for Clubber Lang instead of Rocky?
  23. Do you own a copy of Rocky III?
  24. Have you seen 'Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool'?
  25. Own a video copy of 'Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool'?
  26. If yes, got the 'Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool' book too?

  27. Have you seen the Mr. T documentary on E!?
  28. Have you ever watched a sitcom that you wouldn't normally watch, just to see Mr. T?
  29. Did you see Mr. T on Different Strokes?
  30. Did you catch Mr. T on Suddenly Susan?
  31. Did you happen to spot Mr. T on Malcolm and Eddie?
  32. Have you seen the new Pacman commercial with Mr. T?

  33. Do you know what Mr. T's real name is?
  34. Have you ever considered changing your name to Mr. or Ms. (insert letter here)?
  35. Did you officially undergo the name change?

  36. Have you ever used the word 'sucka' in normal conversation?
  37. What about the word 'foo'?
  38. Did you ever say 'jibba jabba' while conversing?
  39. Have you ever said you were 'on the jazz'?
  40. Ever 'pitied the fool' that was antagonizing you?
  41. Do you use A-team metaphors to describe people you know (that fool is crazier than Murdoch!)?
  42. Do you feel that you're perpetually surrounded by crazy people?
  43. Do you work with those crazy fools?
  44. If yes, do you carpool with them (in a large vehicle, such as a van)?

  45. Have you ever threatened to throw someone?
  46. Did you actually throw him/her?
  47. Have you ever thrown anyone onto a soft surface (practice mat, grass, etc...)?
  48. Have you ever thrown anyone onto a hard surface (concrete, steel, 1982 GMC van)?
  49. Have you ever thrown some fool into a pile of empty crates or trashcans?
  50. Have you thrown any suckas through a window before?
  51. Have you thrown anyone off a pier into the water?
  52. What about throwing someone over the hood of their car?
  53. Have you ever highlighted someone's head black and blue?
  54. If yes, was it for talkin' jibba jabba nonsense?
  55. Have you ever knocked 2 suckas' heads together?

  56. Do you drink at least 1 glass of milk a day?
  57. Do you drink more than 2 glasses of milk a day?
  58. Do you drink more than 5 glasses of milk a day?
  59. More than 10 glasses a day?
  60. Have you heard the radio commercial for Mr. T breakfast cereal before?
  61. Have you ever seen a box of Mr. T breakfast cereal?
  62. Have you ever purchased a box of Mr. T breakfast cereal?
  63. Ever eaten Mr. T breakfast cereal?
  64. Is it your favorite choice of breakfast cereal?

  65. Do you feel that 'Gold chains is good!'?
  66. Do you own at least one piece of gold jewelry (rings, chains, earrings)?
  67. Do you own more than 5 pieces of gold jewelry?
  68. Do you own more than 10 pieces of gold jewelry?
  69. More than 20?
  70. Do you regularly wear all your gold at the same time?
  71. Do you know what a Mandinka mohawk looks like?
  72. Have you ever gotten a mohawk hair cut?
  73. Did you do it so you could be more like Mr. T?

  74. Have you seen a youth center before?
  75. Have you actually been to a youth center?
  76. Did they invite you to give a motivational seminar at the youth center?

  77. Ever been to a junk or scrapyard before?
  78. Can you be considered skilled in mechanics?
  79. Do you know how to operate a welder?
  80. Have you ever used a welder to repair a motor vehicle?
  81. Have you ever used a welder to attach armor plating to your vehicle?
  82. If yes, was your next action to drive your new armored car through a gate or wall?

  83. Do you own at least one firearm?
  84. Do you own more than 2 firearms?
  85. Do you have than 5 guns?
  86. More than 10?
  87. Have you discharged a firearm before?
  88. Do you use firearms quite frequently in your line of profession?
  89. Do you never manage to hit anything despite consuming large quantities of ammunition?

  90. Do you own a motor vehicle?
  91. If yes, is your vehicle some type of van?
  92. Is it a black 1982 custom GMC van?

  93. Do you own any Mr. T action figures or dolls?
  94. Are you in possession of any Mr. T and the T-force comic books?
  95. If yes, are they autographed?
  96. Do you have any t-shirts with a picture of Mr. T?

  97. Do you feel uneasy about flying?
  98. For long trips, do you insist on traveling by train, truck, or boat instead of airplane?
  99. Have you ever been drugged by your colleagues to get you on board an airplane?

  100. Do you know what a Mr. T vs X web site is?
  101. If yes, have you visited one before?
  102. Visited more than 5?
  103. Visited more than 10?
  104. More than 20?
  105. Have you seen Mr. T whup just about everything on God's green earth and then some?
  106. Has a Mr. T vs X page made you laugh so hard you couldn't breathe before?
  107. Do you feel that Mr. T vs X pages are the best thing to come out of the Internet?
  108. Have you created a Mr. T vs X page?
  109. Have you created 2 or more Mr. T vs X stories?
  110. More than 5?

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