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Having ended the alien menace to the Hadley's Hope colony, Mr. T
returned to LA with the rest of the A-team. Just moments after the A-team's departure
Colonel Decker arrived on LV426 looking for the fugitives. Indebted to Mr. T the company
officials denied any involvement of the A-team. Later that year, the colony youth center
was renamed to The Mr. T Youth Rehabilitation Facility.

Corporal Hicks and Warrant Officer Ripley survived the LV426 ordeal, but without the protection
of the A-team, they perished on Fury 161 in a bad sequel.

Private Hudson also managed to survive this mission, but later perished at the hands of another
predator in Los Angeles because Danny Glover is a poor substitute for the T. (The fool shoulda
looked up the A-team since he was in town!).

Privates Vasquez and Drake now travel to impoverished areas in many Earth cities and give
motivational lectures to young people on how they became somebody instead of somebody's fool.

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